Friday 20th September

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16th annual Patient Summit Europe

16th annual Patient Summit Europe


It’s pharma’s turn to inspire. You’ve heard the inspiring stories from patients. But now it’s pharma’s turn. Time to show we can put words into practice.

For 2019 we include a special focus on transforming RandD and clinical trials, demonstrating how patient-led design reduces costs and accelerates the development of patient-relevant solutions.

The eyeforpharma Patient Summit, covering both RandD and Commercial, is here to share pharma’s most valuable work, and directly represent the patient. Let’s see what forward-thinking companies can deliver. Let’s see how we’ve changed to a healthcare model focused on patient value.

Gain insights on:

– Partner or perish: How pharma and patient groups must work together – or become irrelevant
– Patient as co-designer: How open innovation can transform RandD and PSPs whilst enabling patients to support you
– Recruitment, resolved: How patient co-created trials can rethink research and embed value
– Technology and culture as one: Adopt the can-do mindset of digital health startups, differentiate your brands and overdeliver on outcomes


Silver: GBP 2099.0,
Gold: GBP 2399.0

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