Tuesday 20th February

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Aces and Operatives

Aces and Operatives


The event features a compelling social design, where you will connect with others to learn who to trust (and who not to). The event also features classic casino gaming and cocktails. Aces & Operatives combines live action role-play (LARP) and social deduction gaming to create a heated spy vs. spy experience for everyone!

Aces & Operatives will have you live out your spy role. You can act out your character in any way you like and can interact with Game Masters and casino “inter-actors”, while you pursue your own unique objectives for the evening. However, as a theatrical gaming experience the event offers additional design features to compel interaction. You will be immersed in is a large social deduction experience where your team will work together for a common goal, just like any good 20th Century spy novel, to save (or take over) the planet!

Central to the experience are “hidden roles”. Players will be cast as either ‘Aces’ (Special Agents), or hidden ‘Operatives’ (members of an evil rogue organization), and friends and couples may or may not be on the same team. A good spy trusts no one at the start. Each agency team will consist mostly of ‘Aces’, whose goal will be to protect the world from evil organizations. However, within each team will also be secret ‘Operatives’ who appear and act like Aces but who are infiltrators from evil organizations. If you are an Operative you will secretly possess the desire for world domination and will seek to work with your hidden contacts before the Aces can stop you from failing the various global resolutions (game rounds). Meanwhile, if you are an Ace you will feverishly socialize to locate the Operatives and pass the resolutions before it’s too late! If you are an Ace will you know who to trust, can you identify the Operatives and fulfill your mission? If you are an Operative will you be able to deceive the Aces and secretly plot with your other evil team members to make your organization’s maniacal plans come true?



  • Date(s) and time:

    on Saturday March 10, 2018 at 6:00 pm (ends Saturday March 10, 2018 at 11:00 pm)

  • Admission Price:

    GBP 65

  • Phone Number:


  • Website: