Sunday 19th January

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Assertiveness Training Course – 1st April 2020 – Impact Factory London

Assertiveness Training Course – 1st April 2020 – Impact Factory London


We cover all the material from the one-day course, plus it gives you more time to practise new behaviours, tools and techniques.

Tackle the frustration, resentment and stress that being too accommodating can create and find simple, practical, doable things that will work for you.

Learn the ‘Art of Saying No’ and get more opportunities to build your confidence and skills to become more of who you really are.

Course Objectives:

Understand why You Feel Disempowered
Change Yourself to Change Others
The Smallest Change for the Biggest Impact
There is No Right Way
Setting Clear Boundaries
Move Things Forward
Use What Already Works
Knowing You Have Something Else to Try
Experiential Working with Real Situations

What Our Delegates Say:

“Being part of the assertiveness course was like a different world, one that I have since made sure I am actively living in. So thank you, I have recommended it to almost all friends and colleagues.”

Farah Hasson – Policy Support Officer – Consumer Council for Water

“It was a fantastic day and very useful. I have been busy putting my training into practice. In fact, a colleague commented that I was ‘very assertive (but in a good way)’ in a meeting with some senior managers last week!”

Joanne Lewsley – Editor – Content Consultants

“The course opened my eyes to a lot of new ideas. I am really excited about the impact these are already having on my life. I loved the format of it. Instead of a lecture, we got to play: enter different situations and try out various roles, attitudes and mental states in them. Speak of impact…”

Radoslava Leseva – Software Developer – DiaDraw