Saturday 18th August

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Beautiful Contradictions

Beautiful Contradictions
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The Palm Tree Gallery look forward to introducing the fresh, vibrant and bold work of Canadian artist, Ally McIntyre. Her use of unrealistic proportions and unconventional character combinations create striking juxtapositions. The energy that stems from her colour and composition evokes a feeling of curiosity and sometimes uneasiness.

After achieving a BA Degree in Painting and Sculpture from University of Alberta in 2013, McIntyre exhibited in several galleries including Latitude53 and The Works Art & Design Festival. In 2015, she completed an MA Fine Art course from Goldsmiths University, and was awarded the HIX Award presented by Tracey Emin and Mark Hix. Her work has been exhibited at London’s START and Moniker art fair, and can be seen in public collections throughout Europe including the Victoria & Albert Museum Permanent Print Collection.

McIntyre reinvents her subjects using unexpected proportions paired with florescent colour. Her style rejects the ‘whole’ of a scene yet creates a succession of a self contained image, all purposefully disjointed. Her subjects seem ready to rearrange themselves, forever on the edge of chance and possibility. The way she forces interaction between them disturbs the sense of calm and reality in her work. Yet, for all this abnormality, we’re still among real, ordinary subjects which leaves our view of the norm distorted.

Drenched in iconography, the artist aims to highlight the clear significance of her animal and plant personas by making them prominent features in her work. She begs the question of why certain motifs linger in our lives whilst also exploring the structure of mans determination, resilience and hierarchy within our culture. For example, in Pink Moon, the figure seems to cradle a face in his arms, perhaps in despair or encouragement. The confident black line leading your eye to the bright cacti, implying the hope of growth and sustainability. “I have a neglected spider plant in the studio that has survived with little water, under fluorescent lighting for months. I understand this natural phenomenon makes rational sense, but to me the spider plant thriving in a hostile environment became a strange testament to resiliency’- Ally McIntyre, 2018.



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