Sunday 25th February

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Healthy living is all about making the right choices. But we know, especially after the holidays, that this can be hard. It can start with just a few small changes to your daily habits and educating yourself about what’s really fuelling your body. It doesn’t have to be complicated and it should be fun!

We LOVE our workshops but don’t just take it from us!

“Thank you for organising this fab evening. Your information and ideas are highly inspiring… This event has been a brilliant start New Year! Thank you for such positive energy!” Magda P.

“I feel my time was totally worth it. I loved all information, ideas, new ways of doing things in every day life. Very inspirational, well described and explained. Loved it” Marika S.

This class will teach you how to work with your body, mind and soul to create a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

You are unique, so come along and learn how to use plant based nutrition to become the best version of you.

The class will cover the following:
* What is a plant based diet?
* Why is this powerful for you ?
* How a plant based diet can help improve your skin and hair?
* How food and drinks affect your mood and emotions ?
* How every morning can feel like a miracle
* How to use your nutrition?
* How an 80/20 plan can be incorporated into your daily life ?
* A summary of the most frequently used nutritional products with some practical tips on how to use them?

For more information on the full programme, check out the website:

Our plant based products are brought to you by Arbonne International. Sara and Lydia are Independent Consultants. All views and opinions including progressive thoughts on women empowerment are their own 😉