Friday 20th September

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Deva Premal and Miten with Manose and band

Deva Premal and Miten with Manose and band


With Deva’s golden voice and Miten’s songs of love and gratitude carrying us beyond our daily worries – a celebration of open hearts, moving into a timeless space together. Evenings will feature mantras from their best selling recent release, DEVA, including the transcendental Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantra.


CHER (Who continues to perform Deva’s Gayatri Mantra live on stage in Las Vegas): “THE ESSENCE by Deva Premal is my all-time favorite album for yoga.”

HH DALAI LAMA: “Beautiful, beautiful music…!” (After Deva and Miten played for him at a private audience.)

TONY ROBBINS: “SONGS FOR THE INNER LOVER by Miten is a passionate and powerful work of art.”

KRISHNA DAS: “TEMPLE AT MIDNIGHT is a wondrous musical journey to Love. We have no fear. Our path is illuminated by each song, glowing with a different coloured light, showing us the way home…”

ECKHART TOLLE: “Their music is pure magic…”

CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP, MD: “DEVA is a beautiful musical offering to the world which simultaneously uplifts, delights, and heals.”

BRUCE LIPTON, Ph.D: “DEVA’s soul-soothing tracks provide an antidote to today’s high-stress world… a powerful prescription for joy whose side effects include enhanced health and an opportunity to reignite your passion for life.”


From MOSCOW: “It was fantastic! I have never sung together with so many people, this chanting touched me so deeply that I even cried a little. It wasn’t a concert in the common way, it was a revelation, a healing meditation where our hearts were filled with love, joy and forgiveness… ”

From MUNICH: “It was a truly magical and deeply healing evening. Starting with the first OM until the break the tears ran down my cheeks like a silent waterfall. I feel a deep gratitude for you and your music. When I gave birth it was also your music that accompan