Monday 25th June

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DIY Jewellery making Supper Club

DIY Jewellery making Supper Club
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The Gramounce and CAST Experiences present a DIY ring-making dinner.
You will be shown how to carve your own ring out of jewellers wax and taught about the process of lost wax casting, whilst enjoying a wonderful dinner by The chefs at The Gramounce. Your ring will be cast in silver and finished by hand and sent to you within 3 weeks.

Included: Your finished 925 silver jewellery piece + full menu


Homemade bread & marmite butter

Hot Blue Steel

Grilled broccoli florets, miso butter, nori, almonds

Bling Bling

Spicy potatoes, pickled petals, burnt onions, gravy, soft boiled eggs, bronze

The Mine

Chocolate sponge, caramel foam, hazelnuts, pearls

CAST is a jewellery making experience.
Guests are provided with an unparalleled opportunity to design and create bespoke
jewellery pieces, at both public and private CAST events.
Bespoke pieces; rings, earrings, pendants, cufflinks, are crafted in jewellers wax at an
event, and cast at our workshop in Silver, Gold or Platinum.
Our team finish each piece by hand and return, to spec, within 3 weeks.
CAST is, at its core, an opportunity to create bespoke jewellery pieces. The space, the
drinks, the menu, the people, simply elevate and embellish the making experience.
We team up with like-minded brands, teams and venues, who share that same desire to
deliver on unique products and experiences.
The CAST experience is a more relevant, collaborative and contemporary
interpretation of an age-old jewellery making process.
We have taken an activity and a skill that would normally take place in a workshop, and
drop it into some of the world’s most iconic and exciting spaces.



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    Wednesday 27th of June 19:00-22:00

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