Sunday 21st January

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Earthly Measures #5 with Mehmet Aslan & Jonny Rock

Earthly Measures #5 with Mehmet Aslan & Jonny Rock


Mehmet Aslan
Jonny Rock
Earthly Measures

It’s Earthly Measures #5 and we are very excited for this one!

For our first event of 2018, we find ourselves migrating to another great East London venue in the form of Mick’s Garage where 2 of our favourite producers/selectors will be joining us!

Our first guest was born to Turkish parents, raised in Switzerland and now resides in Berlin. Mehmet Aslan’s music very much reflects his diverse background. Growing up being exposed to traditional Turkish folk music, his productions infuse this with modern electronic music and results in a deeply hypnotic sound. Since his breakthrough EP on Huntleys & Palmers ‘Mechanical Turk’, he has continued to show himself as a true talent for producing music that challenges the boundaries of conventional dance music. On the night, we’re not sure exactly what to expect but that’s the beauty of it.

Our 2nd guest is the legend that is Mr Jonny Rock, the dude himself, a chameleon in his own right, he has been a mainstay of the London scene for a while now and is a true party starter! A champion of music around the globe (especially Turkish) and producer with no limits to his talent, releasing on great labels such as Futureboogie, Bahnsteig 23 & Oye edits it truly is an honour to have him play for us.

EM residents will be keeping the decks warm early on!

Category: Nightlife | Nightclub.

Artists / Speakers: Mehmet Aslan, Jonny Rock, Earthly Measures.