Wednesday 22nd November

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Figuring it Out

Figuring it Out


An exhibition of artworks by Bob Brown.

Bob Brown’s work begins and ends with drawing. It asks questions about form and light and space. Though essentially gestural in its approach to line and colour, the finished works try to evoke stillness and hope.

Bob studied in Manchester where he was influenced by the teaching of Neville Wakeling, whose methods attracted controversy and praise in equal measure. His work celebrates the infinite possibilities of line and colour, engaging in the margins where form becomes abstract and the abstract becomes real.

Gallery Opening Hours:

Wed 1 Nov, 9am-2pm & 5-6pm

Thu 2 Nov, 9am-2pm & 5-7pm

Fri 3 Nov, 5-10pm

Sat 4 Nov, 5-10pm

Sun 5 Nov, 9-11am & 4.30-8.30pm

Mon 6 Nov, 5-6pm

Tue 7 Nov, 5-6pm

Wed 8 Nov, 1-5pm

Thu 9 Nov, 9am-2pm & 5-6pm

Fri 10 Nov, 9am-10pm. Private view from 6pm

Category: Arts | Visual Arts | Galleries / Art.

Artist / Speaker: Bob Brown.



  • Date(s) and time:

    On November 01, 2017 - November 30, 2017 at 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

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  • Admission Price:

    Standard - GBP 0.00

  • Phone Number:

    0207 4051818