Thursday 30th March

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Get your StartUp Accountancy Pack in March

Get your StartUp Accountancy Pack in March


Get your StartUp Accountancy Pack in March

You are starting your own Company? Did you think of all necessary registrations, VAT and Accounting?

Sign up for the Business Saver Accounting Package and get:

1. Company Formation
2. Business Bank Account
3. Registered Office
4. Book- keeping
5. Payroll
6. Annual Return
7. Annual Accounts
8. CT600
9. VAT Registration
10. VAT Return
11. Business e-mails

At B&F Services we are offering entrepreneurial services for small and medium size businesses since 2005. We have launched more than 3000 companies, raised over 50.000.000£ for small and medium size companies and have helped numerous entrepreneurs to establish and develop their businesses across Europe and in particular in UK. Our track record has seen us position our clients with over 95% success rate in delivery on target objectives such as funding, increased sales, financial and other projection for new market entrants, partnerships and joint ventures with similar businesses, digital marketing and sales.

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