Sunday 24th September

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Henry VIII and the English Reformation: Cause and Effect


Henry VIII’s break with the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church in the 1530s sent shock waves across England and the rest of Europe. The repercussions for Henry’s kingdom and dynasty were profound with his children Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I divided between Protestantism and Catholicism.

As part of the Reformation Anniversary (1517–2017), Royal Museums Greenwich are hosting a series of evening lectures and a choral performance during September 2017 on related themes given by acknowledged experts lead by Dr David Starkey. These cover topics from Henry’s decision to divorce Katherine of Aragon and the defeat of the Spanish Armada spurring Elizabethan engagement with Islamic states, to the sacred music of Thomas Tallis, who lived and is buried in Greenwich.

6 September
Dr David Starkey
Henry VIII and the Reformation: From Defender of the Faith to Supreme Head of the Church

13 September
Professor Jerry Brotton
This Orient Isle: The Tudors and the Islamic World

20 September
The Queen’s Ensemble
Fit for a Queen: Mary I, Elizabeth I and the Music of Thomas Tallis and his Contemporaries

27 September
Dr Simon Thurley
The Chapel Royal – The Jewel in the Tudor Crown