Saturday 27th May

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Horses For Corpses

Horses For Corpses
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The ad didn’t say much: “Investigators wanted. No experience necessary.” Some horse trader apparently. You didn’t know much about riding, but you weren’t going to look this gift in the mouth. If only you’d asked a few more questions out of the gate…

Now you and your friends are finding out that racing is a murky world. It seems like everyone’s got form and the going ain’t easy. Somewhere amid the stalls and stables is the truth, and you’ll have to find it, otherwise it’ll be you who’s in the running… for murder.

A Door In A Wall is proud to present a brand new detective adventure. Cover corners and courtyards, collect cryptic clues and converse with a curious cast as you try to solve a deadly mystery in: Horses for Corpses.

Horses for Corpses is a murder mystery treasure hunt that sends teams of intrepid adventurers around the streets of London as they try to crack a fiendish case. A Door In A Wall will be partnering with the world-famous Camden Market, allowing players to explore this amazing location in an intriguing new way.