Friday 06th December

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Jill Meager

Jill Meager
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Jill Meager is showing her latest collection of wildlife drawings at the Jane Newbery Gallery in Dulwich. The work is based on her recent travels to Northumberland, the Farne Islands and the Faroes.

“As an artist raised in rural Scotland, I have long been fascinated by wild creatures and I feel a strong emotional connection to them. In my portraits, I try to capture their beauty, the profound meaning of their existence and the important and often under-estimated role they play in our lives. On my recent journeys it has been a great privilege to see hares, hedgehogs, puffins and many other amazing creatures, but it has also been sad to acknowledge that many of them are struggling to cope in a man-made hostile environment.”



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    05/11/2019 - 10/12/2019

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    Dulwich West SE21