Tuesday 20th February

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Liam Williams: Over the Volcano

Liam Williams: Over the Volcano
Liam Williams: Over the Volcano - Image 1Liam Williams: Over the Volcano - Image 2


Liam Williams (twice Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee) attempts to reinvigorate a passion for live performance by going to a small bookshop near Waterloo to read out sections of his travel blog before introducing some less rusty comedians. A New Material Comedy Night for VAULT Festival.

24th January:
Richard Todd
Sarah Keyworth
Johnny White Really-Really
Catherine Bohart
Jordan Brookes

7th February:
Lauren Pattison
Yuriko Kotani
Johnny White Really-Really
Lazy Susan
Matt Winning

21st February:
Rob Oldham
Mae Martin
Johnny White Really-Really
Ben Target
Emma Sidi
Ahir Shah
Katy Wix

7th March:
Olga Koch
Jon Pointing
Johnny White Really-Really
Rob Carter
Stevie Martin
Phoebe Walsh

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Artists / Speakers: Liam Williams, Richard Todd, Sarah Keyworth, Johnny White Really-Really, Catherine Bohart, Jordan Brookes, Lauren Pattison, Yuriko Kotani, Lazy Susan, Matt Winning, Rob Oldham, Mae Martin, Ben Target, Emma Sidi, Amir Shah, Olga Koch, Jon Pointing, Johnny White Really-Really, Rob Carter, Stevie Martin.