Sunday 20th August

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Medieval Catapult Launching

Medieval Catapult Launching
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Medieval Catapult Launching
We will be firing our famous Perrier Catapult, a medieval Siege weapon, at 12:00pm and 2:30pm everyday from Mon 24th July until 4th Sept 2017.
The catapult was carefully built by our in-house craftsmen to Norman specifications for a historical special event held in 2014 within the Castle grounds where it was fired for the very first time.
The Catapult will be fired twice a day throughout the summer holidays, launching an assortment of missiles including soft fruits and unruly visitors! Children will be invited to help load the catapult and launch the missiles to see how far they can go.
The Catapult was a medieval man powered siege engine built on an A frame with an arm around 15 foot long. Rope and a sling was attached to one end, and the other end was fitted with a number of ropes. It would have been manned by teams of sappers who, at the command, would all pull down together flinging the other end of the arm up, and the missile toward the besieged castle walls.
Lots of fun in store for no extra charge. Suitable for all the family.
Open everyday from 10.00am – 5.00pm.



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    8th Aug to 4th Sept

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