Sunday 31st May

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Military Space Situational Awareness 2020

Military Space Situational Awareness 2020


As space becomes more congested, competitive and contested; the need for effective SSA to support space operations has become increasingly heightened.

Military Space Situational Awareness will once again bring together leading experts from across the UK, US, Europe and beyond to discuss and coordinate the future of SST and STM across the alliance.

As the next generation of mega constellations are sent into orbit, understanding where satellites are and how they are interacting with other platforms is more critical than ever – as collisions can damage equipment valued into the billions and cripple vital communication and earth observation capabilities.

Event Highlights:

• Hear from senior military and civil officials on the latest solutions being implemented to enhance the security of space assets through domain awareness.

• Examine key issues impacting space security including debris, weather and hostile threats.

• With the era of mega-constellations in LEO approaching, debate how best government and industry can manage further space congestion through policy implementation and best practices to ensure future sustainable space use.

• Discuss the benefits of allied cooperation of Space Situational Awareness services and information to create a holistic approach to SSA and a more accurate global picture.

• Part of ‘Space Week’, this annual conference will be held in conjunction with a Small Satellites Conference on the 1st and 2nd September, to provide a holistic view of the new space environment.

View the agenda or register online at: evvnt

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General Admission: GBP 1499.00,
Government and Military Personnel Rate: GBP 899.00