Tuesday 20th February

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Mindfulness (MBCT) course, February 2018, Canary Wharf, East London, E14

Mindfulness (MBCT) course, February 2018, Canary Wharf, East London, E14
Mindfulness (MBCT) course, February 2018, Canary Wharf, East London, E14 - Image 1Mindfulness (MBCT) course, February 2018, Canary Wharf, East London, E14 - Image 2


This mindfulness course emphasises practicality for busy people or those looking for straightforward and simple yet powerful practices. This is a ‘low-dose’ course with strong effects.

This course is an abbreviated version of ‘MBCT’ low dose. Prof. Williams of Oxford University developed a low-dose version of his MBCT programme outlined in the best-selling book: “Mindfulness: finding peace in a frantic world”. This has sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide in 19 languages and one in eight of households in the UK are reported to hold a copy. And The BeingWell brings this book to life in a class format that you can enjoy and discuss with others.

Week One: How to focus the mind
Theory: How typical patterns of solving emotional problems often creates more stress.
Practice: Finding resilience in stressful moments through focusing the mind in a specific way.

Week Two: The body-mind feedback loop (spending less time in our heads)
Theory: How the body detects our thoughts before we have consciously registered them and reacts to them often without our full conscious control.
Practice: Intercepting the feedback loop through more body awareness.

Week Three: It’s how you do it, not what you do (mind the gap)
Theory: How to become fully conscious of things as they really are.
Practice: Shifting towards a more creative, productive approach mode – replacing any avoidant default tendencies causing stress.

Week Four: Relating differently to thoughts
Theory: How thoughts are not facts or who we are.
Practice: Relating differently toxic thinking patterns.

Week Five: Tuning in and turning towards difficulties
Theory: How to apply mindfulness skills to processing difficult emotions.
Practice: Responding mindfully and wisely to uncomfortable experiences rather than reacting mindlessly.

Week Six: Connecting with yourself and others
Theory: How self kindness and respect is related to how we relate to others in our lives.

Week Seven: Developing Intention
Theory: How to take the learning forward and building the habit of mindfulness.


Please visit http://thebeingwell.org/mbct-london/ for further information.

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MBCT course: GBP 260.