Saturday 23rd February

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Neural Enhancement with Dr Leon

Neural Enhancement with Dr Leon
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Dr Leon: Neural Enhancement is a revolutionary self development programme, where experience bridges participatory theatre, with immersive meditation and mindfulness.

Based at The Holistic Centre London on Brick Lane. Through our experience, we aim to use science and physiological observation to help you become more self aware: to overcome anxieties, boundaries and barriers in your life.

We analyse what aspects in your life are holding you back. From there, we build a picture of what the Better version of YOU looks like- dissecting each attribute: social, emotional and physical. From there, we strap you in to our treatment chair and perform a very relaxing simulated brain surgery on you to insert “The Better Chip” catalysing personal neural growth (or perhaps just the inception of an idea in people’s minds). We first conduct a suitability test to find out how people want to ‘Be Better’ and gauge the intensity level of each procedure. The installation itself is hugely relaxing and involves various sensory stimulations on the head area, coupled with an augmented sound experience: likened to being under anaesthetic without the drugs.

Appointments available for between 30 minutes – 60 minutes for 1-2 people. Check our website for more information, and to book an appointment.



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    Various appointments from 11:30

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    Special prices for walk in appointments

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