Saturday 18th August

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One Eyed Jacks + The Flute Selekta Face-Off! + The Cracked + Louie Prima

One Eyed Jacks + The Flute Selekta Face-Off! + The Cracked + Louie Prima


Modern Funk Rock + Taiwan DMC DJ Champ vs. UK Festival Hero in a Flute DJ Battle, 7 piece Afro, Latin & Calypso beats + Electro Swing & Global Beats, Swing, Funk, Brass & Bass! + Live Comedy

Continental Drifts presents ONE EYED JACKS, 7 musicians mixing soulful melodies, tasty guitars, punchy rhythms and sexy harmonies to create music which is as distinctive as it is powerful. Their energetic live performances are guaranteed to have audiences grooving from the first track and with a presence bold enough to captivate crowds from a sweaty basement gig to a festival main stage. OEJ are one of the hottest live bands in Brighton right now.
THE FLUTE SELEKTA FACE-OFF! Featuring: DJ Question Mark vs. Captain Flatcap. The Taiwan DMC DJ Champion, DJ Questionmark, faces off against UK Festival Hero, Captain Flatcap, in the first ever Flute Selekta Face-Off! The two will be pitting their skills against each other in a battle to decide who is the ultimate Flutist & DJ! Expect nothing less than phat beats and flute filled sounds that will have you moving and shaking into the early hours.
THE CRACKED are the hazy Balearic vibe of Ibiza to the rich Latin sounds of South America, dropping African beats and harmonies to a backdrop of English pop on a sunny summer afternoon.
Infectious Fusion dance that steps to torrential up beat rhythms, oozing harmony and mouth watering melodies.
LOUIE PRIMA – Johannes Maria Heretsch (DJ Globalution) creates the finest in Electro Swing & Global Beats. As the creator of the Berlin Electro Swing Revolution, he is well known in the European club scene. He is particularly known for his parties organised by himself and Wolfram von Dobschütz aka Justin Fidele with up to 1000 people attending twice a month at Berlin clubs Frannz and Astra, as well as the Gruner Jager in Hamburg.
FIZZY GILLESPIE, Fizzy Gillespie is a DJ & Producer who is best known for taking the Vintage sounds of 1930’s Swing to 1960’s Soul, as well as everything in between, and fusing them with modern Bass music; crossing over genres such as Drum’n’Bass, Garage, Jungle, House, Hip-Hop and other assorted beats!

Artists / Speakers: One Eyed Jacks, The Flute Selekta Face-Off!, The Cracked, Louie Prima, Fizzy Gillespie, Ola, Erich Mcelroy.

After 10pm: GBP 5.00,
Before 10pm: GBP 0.00.