Sunday 21st January

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Opera Prelude:Don’t Look Back: Orpheus’s Adventures in Opera

Opera Prelude:Don’t Look Back: Orpheus’s Adventures in Opera


Sophie Pullen (soprano) accompanied by Natalie Burch(piano)

Orpheus, the so-called father of song, has reached far from his classical roots to influence music and other art forms right up to the present day, inspiring multiple operas in every century since the 1600s! Orpheus’s has been an appealing story for composers since opera took form.

In this lecture soprano Sophie Pullen traces Orpheus’s musical fingerprint, from the Orphic Hymns to Monteverdi and Offenbach, right through to the modern day, to discover why his flow of music continues unabated.

Opera Prelude is a small charity passionate about supporting young professional opera singers who give lecture recitals in London. These friendly and inclusive events will introduce you to the international opera singers of tomorrow by way of recitals, concerts and masterclasses.

£30 Booking information and further details from Fiona Hamilton on 0207 183 7323.Email



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    Tuesday, 20 March 2018 : 10:30am - 12:30pm

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    0207 183 7323

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    Sloane Square