Monday 23rd October

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Physical Theatre 3 months Short Course – Autumn Term

Physical Theatre 3 months Short Course – Autumn Term
Physical Theatre 3 months Short Course - Autumn Term - Image 1Physical Theatre 3 months Short Course - Autumn Term - Image 2


This Course is a great opportunity to explore Jacques Lecoq’s Techniques. Students are introduced to improvisation, movement analysis, and devising to discover the possibilities of their body.

The central idea of this course is to release preconditioned views of acting and bringing student’s attention back to their own body.

“The body knows things about which the mind is ignorant”, cit. Jacques Lecoq.

Lecoq’s pedagogy trains the body of the performer to be able to become a poetic instrument. At the base of this poetry of the body there is mime. For Lecoq a “mime! is, first of all, somebody who can observe the world around him, take an impression in his body and then represent it through gestures.

A physical theatre performer has the capacity to listen and observe the reality around him and to generate impressions. Once this process is activated the performer is able to transpose this reality with and through the body into poetical shapes and gestures.

The course will be articulated in two modules:

– 1st Module. Encountering with your own body.
We will be working on playfulness, core connection, gravity and balance. We will explore how our body can function better when we use our core to generate movement, and which kind of movements we can create when we “move from the centre”.

– 2nd Module. Applied Techniques.
In this module students will be asked to observe reality and nature and to analyze the interconnection between the human body and reality. We will be working on embodying states of flow, resistance, push and pull and natural integral forces regulating nature and life.

This course welcomes students from different backgrounds interests and talents. We want to offer a stimulating and challenging space in which students will be able to experiment, acknowledge and create.

Duration of the course: 19th of September – 5th of December. 12 weeks consecutive course.
3 hours weekly class. Every Tuesday from 7pm to 10pm. At Theatre Delicatessen in Liverpool Street.

Cost of the course: 180 £
Early bird: 150£ (Before 31st of August).

Session is lead by Monika Gravagno.

Category: Classes / Courses | Creative & Performing Arts.

Artists / Speakers: Monika Gravgano, Facciocose.

Early Bird – Before 31st of August: GBP 150.00,
General Ticket: GBP 180.00.



  • Date(s) and time:

    On September 19, 2017 - December 05, 2017 at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

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    +44 7429966901