Sunday 21st January

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Polski Sklep Comedy Night

Polski Sklep Comedy Night


A free comedy night to remember with an amazing mixture of hard working Polish comedians! They get the job done! The outstanding variety of acts will be performed in Polish and in English – so no need to bring a translator!


Featuring secret headliner from STAND UP POLSKA!

Michal Grzebieniak – An established ‘well done Sunday roast’ comedian from Wroclaw, Poland. Apart from stand up he also sings and performs spoken poetry. Funny and witty with an exceptional taste of bad soaps. Not sure what to expect from his comedy as his greatest inspirations are Andy Kaufman, dadaism and cheap tabloids. Loves fat food and skinny jeans.

C J Markiewicz – Decided to do stand up comedy some 35 years ago. He took a deep breath in preparation and only finally exhaled early in 2015, taking to the stage for the first time at the less than tender age of 59! He has never looked back since. In fact, he has difficulty looking in any direction given he is visually impaired and indeed sports a rather natty white cane. This informs much of his comedy, along with other aspects related to being a sixty something old duffer of Polish origin trying to keep up with the young ‘uns on the circuit. He therefore prides himself on being the only Polish, 62 year old, visually impaired, comic on the planet.

Rita Suszek – Polish-born, London-based stand-up, poet, songwriter and improviser. Her solo show, ‘Fuck It, I’m Thirty’ premiered at Camden Comedy Club in January 2017 – the follow up show, ‘F*cking European’ will be shown there on the 7th November. She can be reached on Twitter @RitaSuszek and Instagram @rita_vision.

Marta Piechowiak – Jaw dropping gorgeous, hilarious, witty and natural. Full of funny jokes, anecdotes and laughter Her new act is taking the world of stand up comedy by storm.

SECRET HEADLINER – To be revealed… (flight tickets are cheaper in January)

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Artists / Speakers: Michal Grzebieniak, C J Markiewicz, Rita Suszek, Marta Piechowiak.