Friday 18th August

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Quentin Blake: The Life of Birds

Quentin Blake: The Life of Birds


The first exhibition uncovering Quentin Blake’s personal drawings of birds

“A rare chance to see a selection of original drawings by Blake and enjoy a tightly-focused exhibition dedicated to one of his most rewarding subjects” – Creative Review

“Brilliantly quirky ornithology and a ‘kindly but penetrating’ commentary on the human condition” – The Telegraph

This exhibition, curated by Quentin Blake himself, is the first ever to examine a theme that has intrigued him throughout his career – birds.

“I have always liked drawing birds. I can’t quite explain why but it may be because like us, they are on two legs and have expressive gestures. It’s a way of commenting on the people we see around us without actually drawing individuals.”

It will show a series of original drawings from his personal archive of birds in everyday situations, revealing a kindly but penetrating commentary on the human condition. The subtleties of the birds’ interactions show Blake’s mastery of conveying emotion through expression and gesture, a hallmark of his illustrations.