Thursday 21st March

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Rhythm Passport Presents… Tarantola // Live World Music

Rhythm Passport Presents… Tarantola // Live World Music


Ladies and Gentlemen, girls and boys, music lovers of all ages… Come on, come all!

On Friday 22nd March, it’s Thank Grow It’s Friday, a brand-new music series staged at Grow, Hackney and presented by Rhythm Passport, which will lavishly hand out good vibes and quality sounds.

The first guest of the series is indeed a band that is all about energy, passion and fun-filled performances. Tarantola are a 7-piece ensemble, bringing to London the notes, scents and smiles of Southern Italy and the Mediterranean. Their sound is brimming with Pan-Med influences, embracing the entire region from Spain to Turkey, while their concerts are circus-like experiences where their folk-rock and gipsy music goes side-by-side with dance, acting and much more…

On 22nd March, their music will also go side-by-side with that of Monarchee, a French-Korean (but London-based) all-female duo, who will open the night with smooth electro-pop textures and soothing grooves.

But it wouldn’t be a circus without its ringmaster. So, to MC the night and set the cruising speed for the party, we have called a good old friend of Rhythm Passport, DJ Lou Pino, who will have you dancing to his tropical, Latin and up-tempo vinyl-only collection.

Come on, come all, the circus is in town!

£5 after OTD

Artwork by Dora Lam


Price: Free Before 10, £5 After: GBP 5.00