Sunday 20th May

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Shazia Mirza: With Love From St. Tropez

Shazia Mirza: With Love From St. Tropez


Following her critically acclaimed 2016, 103 date sell-out international tour The Kardashians Made Me Do It, Shazia Mirza presents her new stand-up show With Love From St. Tropez.

After starving to death on a desert island, she’s changed her mind about a few things. She knew nothing about men before, she knows an awful lot now. Men versus women, survival, and is anyone really an atheist in the middle of a Tsunami? Oh, and the answers to everything are in The Periodic Table.

“A show about lies and truth – or is that the same thing? Nudity and the Periodic Table, these things hold the key to the future. How much do you wear? What do you look like, and will they let you in? Oh, and don’t you dare wear more than dental floss on a French beach.”