Saturday 23rd February

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Small Business Marketing Workshop: Why Customers Leave Your Sales Page Immediately, and how to hook them into your site in the first 5 lines


Small Business Workshop and Meet Up:

In a 30-minute presentation from Simon (aka The Chief Brain), you’ll learn:

What are the essential six ingredients that hook customers into your website right from the start.

Why leading with benefits is more powerful than talking about yourself.

Why having evidence from the start gives you immediate credibility, even if your business isn’t well-known.

How communicating a big result within the first few seconds will fire up customers’ interest.

How talking to a specific audience will get you the right customers for your business (and get rid of the time wasters).

You’ll also get:
Lots of examples from businesses selling services and products doing it well and not so well.

A PDF of the presentation slides, notes, and audio recording of the presentation.

To meet like-minded small business owners and startups over some drinks.

Max 20 places. The best learning happens in smaller groups.

Full details here: