Tuesday 20th March

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Spanish Lessons for Kids at Battersea Spanish!

Spanish Lessons for Kids at Battersea Spanish!


Immersive Spanish Classes for Kids!

Learning a second language is incredibly rewarding for your child, and Spanish consistently ranks among the top three languages for children to learn. We combine music, craft, theatre and dance to give your child an immersive Spanish experience that introduces them to the language, culture and fun of Spanish!

We work with at least one tutor per 5-6 children to ensure their safety, engagement and development. Our Spanish courses are taught by Highly Qualified Native Spanish Speakers with advanced degrees in teaching and Spanish language as well as years of experience working with Children.

We equip parents with the tools and material to continue the experience at home thanks to our learning platform! Many of the parents and children of our school are from mixed couples and multinational backgrounds and living in the local area, giving you and your kids a chance to make Spanish speaking friends!

Check us out here: https://batterseaspanish.com/spanish-for-kids/