Tuesday 16th January

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Tats Nkonzo: Sorry Not Sorry

Tats Nkonzo: Sorry Not Sorry


Comedian, Tats Nkonzo thought he was a good guy until his 2-year old son kissed a homeless man and tilted his moral compass. This is a show where the audience bears witness to honest comedic confessions with funny, yet challenging ideas about masculinity, privilege and spider vagina.

“That’s how the show was born. My son kissed a homeless dude. I was not only shaken by the experience, but also by my response to the experience. Everybody thinks they’re a good guy, until their 2 year old baby kisses a homeless man.”

We live in a time where being correct is essential and it is risky to be wrong. This South African act throws caution to the wind with hilarious effect. In this stand up comedy show, Tats boldly puts himself on the line to be seen as horrible or human, irrelevant or important… Either way, he is Sorry Not Sorry.

“People, today, are scared to say or act how they really feel so they act how they are supposed to feel. That’s why we all sing the birthday song to the colleague we don’t like, call ugly babies cute and flinch that I just said ugly babies.”

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Artist / Speaker: Tats Nkonzo.