Monday 03rd August

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The Green Chain Challenge 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon – September 2020

The Green Chain Challenge 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon – September 2020



Start will be in the corner of Mottingham sports ground – race HQ start and finish will be based here – with a gazebo for bag drop off near to the chain rooms.

Follow field round to run with court farm road on your right hand side – stay on the grass / footpath.
Park field end run along pavement of court farm road – pass the junction of the crossest .
Take care crossing from the end of oaks farm road by the roundabout cross over grove park road and head straight over into Mottingham lane. Follow the road round for half a mile past Eltham College junior school – then turn sharp left into the Green CHain path which is enclosed for approx 1 mile.
Come out past the college and cross over Marvels lane again you will see the green chain signs and follow a small river called Quaggy River. The path leads into a small park called Chinbrook meadows follow the path and signs straight through . Eventually you come out of the woods to follow a railway line – at the end of the path you turn right and cross over a bridge into new street hill . After half a mile we turn left into the forest past hall farm allotments- eventually the path goes right over the railway bridge and into kings meadow playing fields.
The path eventually comes out to the main road A212 burnt ash lane. We stay on the right side of this lane until we reach ridgeway drive – where we turn right. Follow ridgeway drive all the way round and it will eventually leave back onto new street hill . Go up the hill and cross over the railway bridge – then turn right and follow the signs round marvels wood.
Follow the green chain route across charminster road and then straight across to Castleton Road – through the woods and across dunkers road and route eventually leads back into Mottingham sports ground where the lap completed will be 6.5 miles.

Complete 2 laps to finish the half marathon and 4 laps to complete the full marathon.


Green Chain Challenge – 10K : GBP 22.00,
Green Chain Challenge – Half Marathon : GBP 27.00,
Green Chain Challenge – Marathon : GBP 32.00