Monday 25th June

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The Magic of Worm Composting

The Magic of Worm Composting
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We want to share The Magic of Composting far and wide and help people bring worms into their lives.

The Magic of Worm Composting is a practical workshop for anyone interested in living more sustainably and is ideal for gardeners and small scale farmers looking for solutions for growing in abundance without the need for synthetic fertilisers.

Worm composting is a fun, low cost, efficient and low- tech solution for dealing with our organic waste at home and at work, transforming it into the world’s finest nutrient-rich fertiliser and compost. The ferocious appetite of the composting worm, able to eat up to half its body weight a day in organic waste whilst reducing the volume by 50 % provides the perfect solution for organic ecological waste management. Worm composting is particularly suitable for the city as it can be can be practiced indoors and on a very small scale, helping keep valuable organic resources out of landfill.

During the workshop you learn all about the magic of worm composting and you will build your own mini DIY Worm Farm and be provided with all the tools and worms to get you worm composting at home.



  • Date(s) and time:

    30th June 1-3pm

  • Nearest Tube:

    Stepney Green

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