Sunday 21st January

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The Tower, the Bridge & the Tank – Photography Walk

The Tower, the Bridge & the Tank – Photography Walk


Brush up your photography skills on The Tower, the Bridge & the Tank – Photography Walk. All abilities welcome, just bring a camera or a phone…

This 3 hour guided tour will take us from The Monument in the heart of the City of London, along the north bank of the Thames, passing the Tower of London and onto Tower Bridge. From there we’ll cross to the south side and venture down to the river bank itself for some great shots of the bridge. Wear older shoes as there might be a bit of mud around. Next, we’ll take the Thames Path for a while taking in some of the sights along the way, in preparation for…

THE TANK…We’ll wind our way through some of the back streets of Bermondsey until we reach our goal – The Russian T-34 Tank. This genuine World War 2 military vehicle sits on a piece of waste ground on the corner of a residential street – It’s worth seeing for its oddity value alone. Access is unrestricted and you can climb on it and take pictures of it. There is a story to how and why it came to be here, but you’ll have to come on the walk to find out.