Thursday 20th September

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Voice and Vote; Women’s Place in Parliament

Voice and Vote; Women’s Place in Parliament


It is exactly 100 years since women were first able to vote in the UK, and Parliament is marking this important anniversary in a truly innovative style with its ‘Voice and Vote’ exhibition.

This summer, ‘Voice and Vote’ relates the story of women in Parliament. Amazing technology recreates the ‘Ventilator’, the ‘Cage’ and other lost spaces in a memorable interactive experience. Rare and previously unseen objects, pictures and archives tell the personal stories of campaigners.

This Westminster Hall exhibition offers visitors an unforgettable way to explore the background to this landmark centenary.



  • Date(s) and time:

    From 09.00 Monday - Saturday

  • Opening Hours:

    9.00 - 4.30

  • Admission Price:

    Free but pre-booking required

  • Ticket info:

    Book online, by emailing, or by phoning 020 7219 4114

  • Website:

  • Phone Number:

    020 7219 4114

  • Area:

    Westminster SW1

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