Saturday 23rd February

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Wolf at The Underworld Camden

Wolf at The Underworld Camden


“Real metal for true bastards” is a slogan that should be emblazoned in fiery neon on billboards, scrawled triumphantly across book covers, and sewn proudly into back patches. It has a rebel edge to it. A double middle finger salute to those not part of the real metal club. Well, folks, this is Wolf’s motto. And since 1995, they’ve lived and died by it. “When we grew up in the ’80s, we discovered classic bands like Saxon, Accept, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate,” says vocalist/guitarist Niklas ‘Viper’ StÃ¥lvind. “That’s heavy metal to me. We just want to play heavy metal and call it heavy metal. Meat and potatoes.”

Standard: GBP 14.0

Artist: WOLF