Sunday 04th December

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UnCorked Theatre presents: One Nine Two Seven

| Theatre | 02/12/2016


UnCorked Theatre – fresh from treating us to the 5* immersive hit How to Solve a Problem Like Murder – have delivered another theatrical corker with One Nine Two Seven.  This time the gripping production takes place at an underground New York gangster party, hosted in Kensington’s atmospheric Evans & Peel Detective Agency.  Throughout the night, various stories play out which have you second guessing the actions and motives of each character at every twist and turn.  

As Daniel Brodie discovered, this captivating show will leave you mesmerised, making it an essential night out in London right now.

Immersive theatre is hugely popular and it’s so easy to see why.  Being a part of the action as it unfolds around you is enthralling, especially when the levels of performance are this high.  It’s also easy to see why UnCorked Theatre sit near the top of the pile, with their canny choice of themes, costumes, props and venues helping to make their experiences amongst the most vivid and surreal around.

And Evans & Peel Detective Agency provides a terrific setting for the show, with the quirky bar giving the feel of a real underworld party full of bad people doing all the wrong things.  As we descend the stairs, we’re given the low-down on the gangsters attending the get-together:

cu_awshwyaas2dwThe Pirate – the host looking to start a lucrative new business and married to the beautiful Vivien;

The Bandit – a notorious bank robber trying to go legit, who has history with The Swindler, a con-artist; and

The Executioner – a deadly, ruthless and terrifying hit man.

We’re told that a deal is going down between The Pirate and the kingpins of the New York criminal underground and we’re there to help one of the characters (in the case of my group, The Bandit) seal the deal.

Then the action starts, with showgirls entertaining the crowd with provocative moves, drinks flowing and gripping incidents or flashpoints occurring between the gangsters around the bar.  We have numerous meetings with our character, mostly in an isolated environment after giving a codeword.  We’re instructed to scout out the next meeting place and get information to help The Bandit scupper the plans of the other gangsters.  Impressively, the cast are always quick on their feet with an immediate response to our questions and accusations.

You find your eyes constantly peeled for additional clues that might help in your next meeting.  The crowd get right into the spirit of the night and the cast feed off that too, making the experience all the more enjoyable.  As things play out, you can find extra clues by following distressed characters or peeking into others’ group meetings.  Doing the latter to The Executioner’s meeting was quite a frightening ordeal.

The story wraps up in spectacular fashion, leaving behind a strong whiff of euphoria irrespective of whether you successfully guessed the outcome.  Overall, an outstanding night filled with challenges and plenty of laughs: One Nine Two Seven is essential viewing in London.

One Nine Two Seven is being performed at Evans & Peel Detective Agency each Sunday (4th, 11th, 18th December) up until Christmas with shows at 17.00 and 20.00.  Limited tickets remain available, so hurry now to snap up the last few from UnCorked Theatre’s website.  Stay tuned here for the latest news from UnCorked Theatre, including an in-depth interview with artistic director and performer Christie Lee Manning early in 2017.

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