Tuesday 23rd July

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805 Restaurant, Peckham – Review

| Restaurants | 24/07/2012

Nigerian restaurant

805 Restaurant is a modern Nigerian restaurant serving their authentic cuisine in a homely environment. On first approach to the restaurant, I thought it had a rather strange location, not being particularly near anything apart from a few small, local shops. It is also quite far from the nearest tube station (Elephant and Castle), requiring a fifteen minute bus journey. However, if you are driving or take London Overground services, it should be no problem.

West African cuisine

Looking at the menu, (mine could have been in better condition, as it was falling apart!), there was so much to chose from. Helpfully, they had the traditional name of the dish and a Western translation. As there was so much to choose from, having my Nigerian friends with me to explain what was best to order was very handy! In the end I decided on the Grilled Tiger Prawns with Jollof rice, dodo (plantain) and salad.

Grilled Tiger Prawns

After a lengthy wait, understandable as it was a Saturday evening, our food finally arrived, however not all at once. I think it should be important that all dishes come at once in restaurants, out of courtesy for all diners. Anyway, the food was wonderfully presented and the portions were huge. £15 may be a bit pricier than I usually pay for a main, but it was well worth it. The Grilled Tiger Prawns were exceptionally fresh and most of all HUGE! In addition to this, the large portion of Jollof rice was also tasty, unlike anything I have tasted before, fluffy and filling. Not forgetting the plantain, which was also good, although different to how I have it cooked at home (being that my parents are from the Caribbean). It is interesting to taste how things can be cooked differently by different cultures.

Wedding banquet?

805 Restaurant had a very homely feel, however I felt like the decor was a little wedding-esque. It resembled a miniature banquet hall in some respect. It was a tad noisy at times, so it wouldn’t be the best place to go for a business meeting! However, it just showed it was a family-run restaurant and was part of its Nigerian charm.


It was great to try something new although I don’t think I would visit 805 Restaurant again. Perhaps if it wasn’t a busy Saturday evening and if my menu wasn’t in shreds, I would change my mind. However, if you’re interested in trying international cuisine, take a trip to 805 Restaurant. They provide a true taste of Nigerian cuisine from Fried Fish, Okra Soup to Dodo and Jollof rice.

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