Wednesday 25th November

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Blanc de Blanc: Bringing a touch of Vegas to London

| Theatre | 28/07/2016

Blanc de Blanc © Pamela Raith
Blanc de Blanc © Pamela Raith

Blanc de Blanc – a sexually infused circus spectacular – is playing at the London Hippodrome until Sunday August 28 and Sandip Kana went along to the press preview for What’s On London.

Blanc de Blanc provides a wonderful evening of burlesque circus, that enthrals for hours.  If you’re looking for good clean fun, then this isn’t the production for you.  But if you want something to take your breath away, book your tickets now.

Themed around champagne and choreographed by the masterminds of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour, the production leaves little to the imagination: full of sexual innuendo and plenty of skin – maybe a little too much at times.  Initially conceived by Strut & Fret Production House, Blanc de Blanc has the potential to become an iconic piece of entertainment and brings a touch of Las Vegas to the heart of London.  

Director Scott Maidment overseas an intoxicating series of acts, which make brilliant use of superb tunes, great dialogue and even better moves, aided by the intimate setting of the Hippodrome stage.  This intimacy keeps the audience not only interested, but fully invested, in the production – you just cannot wait to see what comes next.

Blanc de Blanc © Pamela Raith

Blanc de Blanc © Pamela Raith

The cast gave a thrilling and exhilarating performance.  Led by Monsieur Romeo, who was the perfect lead, the production moved from moments of brilliance to some absolutely hilarious – for all the right reasons – pieces of choreography.  Spencer Novich as the pale-faced harlequin was very much the jester of the production; yet even he was able to muster up many gasps of surprise from the audience.

Laura New was a sexy and sassy actress, whose ability to inject pure joy into the production had no limits.  Emma Gibson, J’Aimme and Shun Sugimoto were also valued additions to a brilliant and highly talented cast.

Sometimes cabaret performances can be a little amateur and unexciting, but Blanc de Blanc steps out from the shadows and produces one of the finest around.

For tickets, head to the Hippodrome’s website:

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