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David Mill’s ‘The Gospel Truth’ Review, Leicester Square Theatre

| Comedy | 28/06/2013

David Mills The Gospel Truth

We’re down in the basement of The Leicester Square Theatre.  It’s empty.  Well, almost empty.  There’s me, my plus one, a man called Jim, Jim’s son, and two ladies who haven’t introduced themselves.  There’s a packet of half-eaten, freshly purchased, Maltesers by my foot and bottle of cider in my hand.  All six of us, eight if you include my cider and Maltesers, are awaiting the arrival of “American in London”, David Mills.

David Mills, who won New Act of the Year in 2011, is known on the circuit as a ‘sit-down comedian’.  He’s a purveyor of social commentary, a strangely captivating blend of pithy remarks, vicious put downs and relatable self-deprecation. His latest show is called ‘The Gospel Truth’.

Mr Mills strides purposefully into the room wearing a suit so sharp it should come with a health warning.  Accompanied by his dapper wingman Lawrence, who plays something akin to a medieval lute, he kicks things off with catchy song and dance number about “ridin’ the rail”.  Seemingly unfazed by the awkwardness of this painfully quiet room, he proceeds to sitting down and making the best of a fairly hopeless situation.  He gets some giggles whilst commenting on the coffee shop epidemic sweeping Central London and absolutely nails it, as best as one can when playing to an empty basement, when discussing the simmering rivalry between Paperchase and Clinton Cards.

Sometimes he misses the mark.  The politically incorrect stuff won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, even if it is intentionally subversive and occasionally quite funny because of it.  He also has a tendency to reach for the funny in places it doesn’t exist and use cultural references that alienate the audience.  That being said, you could certainly do a lot worse than David Mills.

His pièce de résistance, which is worth the price of an admission fee alone, is a song called “Dead Friends”.  Prolonged exposure to this song’s chorus will split your sides and leave you struggling for air.  For a musical piece that bluntly points out the mortality of human beings, this seems rather apt.  It’s by far and away the best thing in his set, a glorious climax to a journey that doesn’t always flow smoothly.  If you’re going to catch just five minutes of his show, be sure to make it this five.

“The Gospel Truth’ takes a swipe at the meaninglessness of modern living.  It highlights the absurdity of the 21st century lifestyle, as seen through the eyes of David Mills.  If you enjoy claws to the wall comedy, delivered by a man wearing a nice suit then this show might be worth a punt.  Much like life itself, its running time is riddled with imperfections but saved from inadequacy by some stand out moments.

For what it’s worth, Jim seemed to really enjoy himself.

Leicester Square Theatre
6 Leicester Place
0207 5341740

By Jack Clayton @BilboTalk


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