Tuesday 04th August

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Independent Spook Flick: Inside Shadows

| Cinema, Culture, Hidden London, Special Events, Things to do | 10/01/2014

Sofia Hagen
Sofia Hagen

insideshadows.com // SchnitzelMonster

All arty angles on the mundane accoutrements of urban life, I very much enjoyed Londoner Chris Silver’s Vauxhall-based low-budget chiller ‘Inside Shadows’. Coupled with a hauntingly jangly soundtrack by John Harris, acoustic instruments blending with real-world sounds, it instantly captures that eerie essence of home-alone-ness. Although nothing much happens during the first half it does prove immersive, a little like those infant episodes of ‘Big Brother’. Are the actors playing themselves? Is it scripted or improvised? Who cares, if it works. Seventy minutes is the ideal length for an independent production, as for many other movies I should say. The film tends to abstraction, a continual cinematic survey, perfectly-paced to effect an intimate and nervy atmosphere. At points I wanted to drain the colour, it could certainly take a monochrome ‘print’.

Chris Silver

Chris Silver

I relish mystery and configured the ghost the psychological manifestation of the woman’s troubled sister, rendering the sibling’s solitary appearance in frame (an unequivocally un-summery portrayal by Sabrina Summer) even more potent. Thus the arbitrary discussion of ‘facts’ could be muted or reprised with the delectably clever sound splicing. Hitchcock kept revelation until close, forcing our minds into overdrive. However. It is the making real of the unreal that is the major challenge. And the implications of that dichotomy succeed largely thanks to the two likeable leads, Mr Silver himself and Sophia Hagen. The couple are natural, highly capable performers: their mundane interactions played against the edgy camera-work of Mike Kilminster render ‘Inside Shadows’ a confident and commendable cinematic début.


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