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Lazy Susan: Crazy Sexy Fool review

| Comedy, Festivals | 24/08/2016

LAZY SUSAN 1 - Please credit Bobby Goulding

Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

If you like your comedy surreal and fun, make sure you catch this energetic and talented sketch duo before they hit the big time.

From the moment Lazy Susan appear on stage dressed in oversized bear outfits, synching to rap music and pretending to snort bags of cocaine, you have two options: leave the room, or get on-board quickly.  Fortunately, Option 2 is the easier and more pleasurable choice as the pair take you on a fast-paced trip into their imaginations.

Lazy Susan – Celeste Dring and Freya Parker – are both slight, energetic and versatile performers who can entertain in a number of roles and accents with ease.  Dring – four inches taller – is the showier comedian, always willing to burst into song or dance.  Parker – shorter but, she’s quick to say, stronger – seems happy play things straighter, although her no-nonsense Northern police chief is one of the highlights of the show which the pair could make more of.

The duo play up their roles, regularly portraying Dring as shallow and self-obsessed.  Whenever she talks for too long, her mic cuts out and Parker drifts away into her own world where she talks to a flattering piñata pony who later tries to rape her.  Yep.

Other skits are more mainstream – necessary for the sake of balance – but well-performed.  They include a great Rihanna homage, where Dring grinds explicitly singing about hats; a posh girls’ guide to sex, made funnier by Dring’s parents’ presence in the crowd as she uncomfortably simulates receiving oral sex; and Parker’s attempts to pull a girl outside a club, ending in an amusing purse-related payoff.  Those about an American news anchorman’s lust for his colleague don’t work so well, although they provide Parker’s best talking heads pieces.

Dring and Parker also manage to project the strength of their friendship throughout the show, even if it’s sometimes awkwardly expressed.  “You’re not a bad person,” Parker says to Dring at one point.  “You’re always … on time.”

All in all, it’s surrealist nonsense but – if you’re into that – it’s a lot of fun, with Lazy Susan’s imagination, interaction and execution being reminiscent of the early days of The Mighty Boosh.  I don’t say that lightly.  They could go far.

Lazy Susan are performing Crazy Sexy Fool at 19.15 at Pleasance Courtyard until 29th August.  For tickets, head here.  For details of their next London shows, check Lazy Susan’s official website or follow @comedysusan on Twitter.

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