Monday 17th January

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MEATliquor Review

| Restaurants | 28/06/2012


MEATliquor is one of those places you have to visit just to see what the fuss is all about. I had always walked past the place thinking it was some kind of exclusive club as there was always a massive queue outside. Little did I know, it was actually a restaurant, serving some of the arguably best burgers in London. I’ve heard a lot about the queue being up to ninety minutes long, so get there early to avoid disappointment and a rumbly stomach.

Where is it?
Located just behind Oxford Street’s Debehnams, MEATliquor looks rather dark and dingy from the outside and the inside is not much different, resembling a seedy American bar. With loud metal music and shouting-match conversations, this is not the place to be doing a business lunch. Make sure all your guests are there as you will not be seated…

“If there is a queue when you arrive, please join the back of it. In order to best serve all our guests we do not seat incomplete parties, this helps reduce waiting times by decreasing open tables.”

The Food
Meatliquor’s menu doesn’t actually have much to it, so if you’re picky with you’re food, its not the best place to go. I decided on the ‘Dead Hippie’, which is a bacon cheeseburger to me and you. The imaginatively named dishes adds to the overall dark charm of the place. After a short wait, my burger arrived and chilli cheese fries, resembling something from ‘Man v Food’, was I really that hungry?

All I can say is the burger was amazing, greasy, tasty, fattening, but all in all delicious. It didn’t even bother me the fact that it was medium rare. The kitchen rolls on the tables are there for a reason, it is impossible to maintain any sense of decorum when devouring a ‘Dead Hippie’. Possibly the best burger I’ve ever had, even if my face was covered in greasy burger juice.

The chilli cheese fries were also good, a little spicy (too many jalapenos perhaps?), but overall a generous portion size, they could have been a meal alone!


Overall thoughts
MEATliquor isn’t the place to come if you’re after great service, the staff are friendly, but they’re so busy, when you order, make sure you’ve got everything. This place isn’t for the faint-hearted or if you’re on a diet. The meat is medium rare and the food is fattening, however, on the flip side, it’s actually quite cheap for a West End restaurant. With my meal and my cider coming to £15, I was a very happy customer.

Opening times:
MON – THUR > 12:00 – 24:00*
FRI – SAT > 12:00 – 02:00*
+ NO UNDER 16’S AFTER 18:00


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