Sunday 04th December

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Michael Che. Cartoon Violence.

| Comedy | 28/05/2014


Named one of the world’s 50 Funniest People by Rolling Stone (magazine, not Jagger), Manhattan native Michael Che is on at the Soho Theatre until the 1st of June. His latest show, entitled Cartoon Violence, takes a comedic look at the more controversial ends of the human spectrum. If you haven’t got time to read my whole review, save yourself some time by reading the following sentence.

It’s a really great show!

If Michael Che were any more laid back, he’d be a sun-lounger in an all-inclusive holiday resort.   There’s just something about his chilled-out demeanour that instantly dispels the tension from dangerous subject matter. He’s genuinely brilliant at pinpointing the underlying comedic values that exist within the worst aspects of humanity. The fact that he does this effortlessly, whilst sipping on a small tumbler of whisky and wearing a baseball cap, makes watching him officially one of the coolest sights in comedy.

Racism? Check. Homophobia? Check. Murder? Check. Michael tackles the worst that humanity has to offer, and casually reveals the hilarity hidden within. Many comics have tried and failed to turn unfunny subject matter into a funny stand-up show, but not this man. Firstly, this man wouldn’t know the word “tried” if it ran up onto the stage and kicked him in the shins. Secondly, and more importantly than my first point, this man doesn’t fail to find the funny in the unfunny; he finds it and he finds it with plenty of petrol still in the tank.   Tonight, Mr Che reminds the audience that you need “funny” to spell “unfunny”.

Nothing about the show feels over-rehearsed, and this laissez-faire approach gives the evening a really nice down-to-earth vibe. In many ways, Michael’s informal delivery style helps to emphasise the key message at the show’s heart; don’t take life too seriously.

Che will be going back Stateside before you know it. See him at the Soho, before it’s too late.

By Jack Clayton (@BilboTalk).

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