Monday 17th January

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Petek Restaurant Review – Finsbury Park Area

| Restaurants | 21/06/2012


As with most of my Saturdays, they begin with a text that says “Let’s go Nando’s”. With a swift reply, I headed off to the Stroud Green Road branch, near Finsbury Park station.

Upon walking in to the establishment, my friend and I soon realised that we would not be dining there that evening. The place was absolutely heaving, there was no one on the door to greet us and we were soon informed that it would be a 30-minute wait by a rather rude member of staff. I’m slowly losing faith in Nando’s, they seem to be breaking my heart more and more.

Anyway, as we were absolutely starving, we decided to look around, less than a minute-walk from Nando’s, there was a restaurant called Petek. The Finsbury Park/Green Lanes area is full of kebab shops for those late night munchies, however I knew I wasn’t going to find a mysterious meat  “Mixed donner” here…

I was drawn in to Petek by the fact that there were loads of reviews and recommendations in the window from various newspapers and websites, so surely it had to be good, right?

Traditional Turkish

We were soon persuaded by the amount of reviews they had and upon entering we were greeted by a lovely waitress who showed us to a table. The decor, being very traditional and Turkish was lovely. It gave you a very at home feel…if your home was decorated with colourful mosaics and rustic wooden furniture.

Free bread and olives

The waitress soon came back with the menu and informed us what the special was that day. Whilst we were pouring our eyes through the menu (there is so much to choose from), she came back with some warm Turkish bread and olives. I’ve noticed recently that many restaurants have been charging for bread that they force upon the table, thankfully Petek is not one of these. I eventually decided on the king prawns for a starter and the chicken shish for my main. There are so many dishes to chose from with hot and cold mezes available and plenty of vegetarian options. There was also a vast selection of drinks and cocktails available, but I settled with a regular coke.

Prawns; Amazing!

The starters arrived shortly after and the prawns were amazing! They were succulent, well-cooked, and the sauce it came with was heavenly. I could already tell I would be visiting Petek again in the near future. My friend ordered the humous, which was fresh and went well with the complimentary bread and olives.

Affordable pricing

One thing I must mention about Petek is the pricing, it is very affordable, with the starters being roughly £4.95 and the mains at £7.95 and onwards. This is in stark contrast to nearby Upper Street, in which pricey Mediterranean-bistros line the streets. There are also lunch specials available with two courses for £7.95 and dinner specials at £9.95 and £13.95. Petek will leave your belly full with more than enough to get a cab home.

The mains were generously sized, with large amounts of rice and salad to balance out the meat. Having tasted authentic Turkish food before, the chicken shish was identical! Fresh, seasoned and tasty. I’m glad I avoided Nando’s on this occasion.

Petek is without a doubt, one of my new favourite restaurants – friendly staff, affordable prices and good food, what more could you want?

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