Thursday 08th December

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Relieve some tension at The Rocky Horror Picture Show

| Music, Theatre | 02/03/2016


Richard O’Brien’s cult classic – The Rocky Horror Picture Show – stopped by at New Wimbledon Theatre this week.  And, as Shannon Rawlins reports, it sure arrived with a bang!

Director Christopher Luscombe takes over the reigns of this much-loved story, as recently engaged Brad (Ben Freeman) and Janet (Diana Vickers) find themselves stranded one stormy evening and forced to seek help from the residents of a nearby castle.  But, unbeknownst to them, said residents are actually transsexual aliens who are in the process of creating a man in their laboratory.  No, really.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of my personal favourites, and this incarnation of it only made me love the show more.

Diana Vickers was a great casting, with strong vocals and the right amount of naivety for Janet.  Ben Freeman didn’t manage to impress me enough unfortunately, although admittedly it’s hard to do anything too impressive with the character of Brad Majors.

I oddly found myself enjoying The Narrator, a character who I’ve never really taken much interest in at previous viewings of the show.  Here, Steve Punt revelled in the heckles, quick on his feet to respond to the audience in the most humorous ways possible.

Liam Tamne – interviewed recently by What’s On London – brings an edgy twist to our much loved Frank N Furter. Although there are some similarities to Tim Curry’s portrayal, his interpretation is fresh and youthful.

The supporting cast of Riff Raff, Magenta and Columbia provide a suitable amount of comic relief, with Dominic Andersen bringing much needed eye-candy in some magnificent leopard print pants.  And, of course, the band was fantastic, playing all the favourites from Time Warp to Sweet Transvestite, Dammit Janet to Touch Me.

I urge everyone to go the show on its UK tour, following its week at Wimbledon.

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