Tuesday 22nd September

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Siro-A at the Leicester Square Theatre

| Theatre | 27/09/2013


I’m sure almost everyone by now must have seen the Siro-A posters plastering the tube network. They’re hard to miss: six people in white or black outfits, blank mouths and visors covering half their faces. It looks like an advert for an electro-pop and, actually, that would not be too far wrong. Walking into Siro-A I had no idea what to expect. Pegged as the Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group, Siro-A is an energetic (and extremely upbeat) celebration of synth and projection.

Walking into the theatre you are accosted by a painted-faced performer asking to take your picture. If you accept the proposition (‘we need it for one of our acts’) you are directed to a photography area. Once there, you’re asked to stand in all manner of poses and be photographed. I can’t deny that I was completely confused by this whole charade but, confused or not, it certainly piqued my interest. And rightly so, as it turned out. The photos are the linchpin of the final, climatic segment when they are projected onto the backdrop and worked into a dance. It is cleverly devised, visually entertaining and completely hilarious. But this is not the only element of audience participation in the show. There is an excellent moment where sounds from the audience are manipulated into a rendition of a very well-known and popular song. By the audience reaction, I was not the only viewer who was tickled by the segment.

Aside from the big beats, the show is mostly focused on the visual. In fact, the entire show can be described as a visual treat. Lights! Projection! Synchronised movement! Film! Dance! This show has pretty much got everything you could wish to feast your eyes on. There is constant movement on stage either from the performers or from the backdrop of projections. The performers themselves manage to move in perfect synchronicity with the projections. It is this skill that made me, on more than one occasion, adopt a gob-smacked expression and whisper to the person next to me ‘that was awesome!’.

It is a short and slightly off the wall show but definitely one worth seeing, particularly if you fancy a night of big beats, bright colours and comedy. I dare anyone to be bored during such a show. Siro-A has extended its run and will now be at the Leicester Square Theatre until 2nd November.

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