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The Snowman: A snowtastic show filled with all the traditions of Christmas

| Kids, Theatre | 18/12/2013

The Snowman
The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre

The Birmingham Repertory Theatre production (BRT) of The Snowman will melt away the harshness of even the coldest winter days. Set in a visually stunning snow-globe be prepared to take flight to a magical winter wonderland, surrounded by all your favourite Christmas characters, and filled with music that will delight both young and old. The Snowman returns at the Peacock Theatre for a sixteenth consecutive year cuddlier, funnier and more heartfelt than ever before.

Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman is a timeless classic, which has been revived by the BRT. Just like the book, and subsequent film, the show tells the story without a single word being uttered. It truly is a unique West End production, and most definitely the best Christmas show of the year. Through dance, music, and special effects, the Snowman’s winter wonderland comes alive on stage in a spectacular wintry fashion. Howard Blake’s score includes the family favourite ‘Walking in the Air’ accompanied by the flying Snowman and Boy. It’s a spine-tingling moment when the Boy takes flight with his new best friend, while Susan Monnox’s ‘Walking in the Air’ plays in the background.

Blake’s score is a triumph on stage. The simplicity, the magic and of course the Snowmen, all the elements that we have come to love about the original, are all present in this production. The story directed by Bill Alexander and choreographed by Robert North, is told through a series of individual scenes. From the moment the first snowflakes descend, to the moment the Boy builds our favourite snowman, which comes magically to life.

Each scene is perfectly executed, albeit the first section may fall slightly short on the amount of dance. But this is more than made up for when the Boy and the Snowman take flight to the North Pole, where the party within this winter wonderland really takes off. Only at The Snowman will you see your toy-box, and tropical contents of your fridge come to life, dancing and having a merry old time on stage. And that’s not even mentioning the many loveable Snowmen that eagerly await your arrival. The roars and cheers of absolute delight from the crowd, both young and old, throughout the show emphasises that The Snowman is still a firm family favourite.

The acting on stage through the use of movement, mime and dance, was effortlessly in sync and made for a truly memorable show. Joe Sheridan as the Boy was full of energy, and for such a young actor did not look at all out of place on stage. There were also great performances from the many different Snowmen, Father Christmas, and the numerous animals and fruits. But special recognition has to be given to Paul Farrell and Soonja Lee who gave two graceful ballet performances as Jack Frost and the Ice Princess respectively.

The special effects, sets and fluffy snowmen costumes all add to the spectacle. The Snowman is truly a simple, humorous, and great Christmas show. Tim Mitchell’s use of lighting adds a nostalgic element to the show, a feeling only comparable to Christmas Eve when you eagerly count down the minutes to Christmas morning. This interpretation of The Snowman has many new elements, and yet it still seems so familiar; the BRT preserve the spirit of the original leaving the audience extremely satisfied that was until the Snowman melted away, it really seemed that the audience were genuinely deflated.

The Snowman is a British Christmas tradition, and at the Peacock theatre until the 5 January 2014 the story lives on. The Snowman is a true wintry theatrical delight, full of magic, snow, and more snow. Christmas shows do not come any more snowtastic than The Snowman.

Written by Sandip Kana
(For more reviews follow @SandipKana)

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