Saturday 17th August

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Jonathan Pie: Back To The Studio review


Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer and Reviewer

Tom Walker serves up another superb blend of well-informed political analysis, hard truths, gratuitous swearing and guilty laughs

As revealed here last week, Tom Walker has bigger plans for his comedy creation, Jonathan Pie, than the three-minute clips he gifts to the world each week.  And in his second full-length show, Walker shows that Pie is well and truly cut out for a longer format.

Walker’s first show – Jonathan Pie Live – was a toe in the sitcom water for the Alan Partridge aficionado, showing Pie flailing in light entertainment before gradually unravelling rage at his collapsing marriage and being prevented from saying what he really thinks on TV.  But in Pie’s current incarnation – Back To The Studio – some of that frustration’s alleviated by fronting a ‘dry run’ of his own Political Roadshow, giving him the perfect platform to spout his views on what’s wrong with the world.  All he thinks he need do to impress the onlooking TV execs is flick two fingers up at the political establishment – within reason – and style out the amateurish jingles straight from Mid Morning Matters.

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Category: Comedy