Saturday 24th September

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Boiler Room Make Session

Underground Frenzy at Red Stripe Make Session 009

Perched on the corner of an industrial estate in the East End, the ninth Red Stripe Make Session is a sweaty fusion of urban music and contemporary art. With Boiler Room sourcing a clutch of well-known musical talents including a certain Mark Ronson and Rafaël Rozendaal hosting some of the capital’s up and coming visual artists, the event is a thrilling if unbalanced success.

A nondescript business lot is an unlikely space for a showcase of artistic talent but the organisers are striving for the atmosphere of a warehouse party rather than an art gallery. The secret nature of the location – even the doormen refuse to acknowledge the event by its name – lends a sense of exclusivity to proceedings. Guests are encouraged to feel privileged in their participation. Muffled bass can be heard by those queuing outside and there is a sense of climax when one finally enters the room and feels the grimy noise assault all eardrums in the vicinity.

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Category: Free events