Wednesday 24th February

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Woody at work
Woody at work on the decks

Sublime Soundcrash Scares

Soundcrash hosts a night of DJing excellence to thrill audiophiles and revellers alike.

Sitting on a side road off Shoreditch High Street, Village Underground is fronted by a bustling stream of people. Most are in a jubilant mood though some are plastered in a palette of deathly face paint which belies the general atmosphere of merriment.

It’s the night after Halloween – traditionally a time when those of a Catholic persuasion are preparing for All Souls’ Day. But Soundcrash wants to extend the spook-filled festivities of the previous night for a few more hours. They’ve commandeered the venue and have assembled three of the world’s finest DJs, Messrs Yoda, Woody, and Cheeba, to entertain, guide, and perhaps even frighten revellers until the early hours of the morning.

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DJ Triumvirate: Yoda, Woody, Cheeba
DJ Triumvirate: Yoda, Woody, Cheeba

Yoda, Woody and Cheeba: The DJ Interview

Whats on London recently got the chance to catch up with three of the world’s leading DJs ahead of their appearance at Videocrash.

DJ Yoda rose to prominence with the seminal ‘How to Cut and Paste’ series, going onto release a string of successful mixtapes and albums. In 2010 he collected an Independent Music Award for his work with the Heritage Orchestra and is known to find inspiration in an eclectic range of music – including tunes by the one and only Rick Astley.

DJ Woody is a two-time world turntable champion with a penchant for pushing boundaries. Described as the “future” by Tony Prince, Woody definitely likes to experiment with his music and visuals. In 2011 he hit the headlines for the now infamous Anne Hathaway Paparazzi remix.

Soundcrash regular, DJ Cheeba, has spent the last few years touring, thrilling audiences at some the world’s most famous festivals whilst sharing the stage with a string of respected artists. Described by Yoda as “one super-creative dude”, Cheeba can fashion a set using anything from beer taps to Led Zeppelin’s back catalogue.

The DJs go onto discuss their differing styles as well as the perks of the job…

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