Saturday 24th September

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Blood, sweat and tears – UFC Fight Night at the O2 Arena


By Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

Go and see the Ultimate Fighting Championship, they said.  You’ll love it.  It’s the hottest ticket in town.  Well, for much of Saturday Fight Night at a packed O2 Arena, I wasn’t sure.  There were too few knockouts.  Too much grappling, too little drama.  Too many irritants with topknots sitting around me making moronic wolf noises for no discernible reason.

Then came the main event: British middleweight Michael Bisping against Brazilian Anderson Silva, regarded by many as the greatest fighter ever to have entered an Octagon.  Despite my scepticism, the pair put on a contest that fans of the sport will never forget: a topsy-turvy five rounds of controversy that continued up to the moment the judges’ decisions were announced.

Finally, I could see what all the fuss was about and maybe – just maybe – I’d consider going again.

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