Wednesday 24th July

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Poetry Café: Playerist Comedy Night – October 17

Playerist’ is an annual literary magazine featuring a range of emergent and established writers and artists. It’s now reached its third launch event – Thursday October 17, 8pm – at the Poetry Café in Covent Garden’s Betterton Street. No ‘Better’ route to an early weekend! Apologies, the jokes will be better than this and the Basement is a delightful spot to relax; one of those hidden treasures of the city. As always the quality of work is astounding. London playwright Tanja Mariadoss will perform her wincing-ly observant story ‘The Very Tired Man on the Train’ and any male commuter will wonder if it’s about him. If you can pick yourself up off the floor, comedy actor Imogen Miller Porter’s well-sharpened wordage will blow the gaffe on another typically-English pastime.

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Category: Comedy